The Father Sent the Son

An afternoon of classical sacred and Christmas music by Richard Joseph Barber

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Free Admission (donations accepted)

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Richard Joseph Barber
Richard Joseph Barber—photo by Justin Samuel Barber

The Composer

Richard Joseph Barber is a composer, teacher, conductor, and piano tuner in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He holds a Bachelor of Music in Public School Music from Western Michigan University and a Master of Music in Applied Vocal Music from the same. His teaching experience spans four decades, during which he has conducted numerous school bands and church choirs. Richard has performed lead roles and solos in works such as Britton’s War Requiem, Orff’s Carmina Burana, Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro and others.

In 1994, Richard earned a Bachelor of Pastoral Ministries at Freedom Farm Bible College and went on to pastor several congregations. Many of his musical compositions were written during this time, in order to meet the specific needs of his church choirs. He now leads the choirs at High Country Baptist Church and dotes upon his eleven grandchildren, his wife, Nancy, and their two dogs, Lily and Annie.

Amanda Barber Hill
Amanda Barber Hill—photo by Katie Ulrich

The Performers


  • Sopranos: Amanda Barber Hill (soloist), Hannah Hill
  • Altos: Nancy Barber, Priscilla Hill
  • Tenors: Justin Barber (soloist), Josiah Hill
  • Basses: Richard Barber (soloist), Jonathon Hill


  • Violin: Amanda Barber Hill
  • Cello: Nancy Barber
  • Piano: Catherine Black, Jonathon Hill
  • Percussion: Richard Barber
Catherine Black
Catherine Black—photo by Marina Lomazov

The Accompanist

Catherine Black is a talented up-and-coming classical pianist currently attending the University of South Carolina School of Music. She is the daughter of Talbert and Ming-Fen Black and was a 2018 contestant in the Southeastern Piano Festival (SEPF).

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